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Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Easy. Improving Indoor Air Just Got Easier.

Indoor air quality is the quality of air inside your home. Temperature, humidity, air purity and freshness are all contributing factors, but they are things you usually don't think about until they turn into problems you can't ignore.

  • Electronic Air Filtration

    One of the most important components in your home comfort system.

    Whether you have a new home or one that is several years old, the only type of air filtration system you have most likely consists of those $10.00 throwaway filters located inside the return-air grilles.

    Not only are those filters ineffective at keeping dirt and microscopic dust particles out of your equipment, duct system and home environment, they must be changed on a monthly basis to work properly. Think about it - when was the last time you replaced your throwaway air filters? 6 months ago? 1 year ago? How about never?

    Did you know that by failing to replace those filters on a regular basis, your home heating and cooling system becomes inefficient? Dirty, clogged throwaway air filters impede the airflow in your home. Why? Because your air-handling system (furnace blower and fan) is like a vacuum cleaner on the return-air side. Like a vacuum bag that's too full of dirt and debris, your air-handling system cannot sufficiently supply the proper airflow throughout your home.

    So what is the solution? Simple - let Central Air Systems install the finest Electronic Air Cleaner on the market today!

    Our Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner is 99.94% effective at removing dust mites, mold spores, pollen and other pollutant particles. Your home will be virtually dust free!

    The Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner is, quite simply, the most efficient air cleaner on the market today. If you and your family suffer from allergies, asthma, frequent colds, or are sensitive to airborne contaminants such as cigarette smoke, bacteria and dust, you'll immediately notice the difference in your home. And by eliminating the dust, dirt and debris, your heating and cooling equipment, along with your entire duct system, will last much longer. It will also run much smoother, saving you valuable energy dollars.

    By combining the latest in micro fiber technology and the power of magnetism, the Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner actually transforms the electrical signature of dust, pollen, dander and smoke. As the particles enter the intense ionization field, they are attracted to the high-performance air cleaning media and are permanently trapped there. The result is the most efficient form of whole-house air filtration on the market today.

    We have proven to hundreds of satisfied homeowners that this whole-house system approach is the only effective means of filtering the air inside your home. And since the entire filter is disposable, you can treat your family to clean, fresh air every day of the year.

    If you do nothing else to protect you and your family's health and well being, the Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaner is an absolute must.

  • Ultraviolet Air Purification

    The only effective method to destroy bacteria, mold, viruses and odors.

    Did you know that the average American drinks two liters of water daily? Of course, many of us would never drink household tap water, so we invest about $2.00 per day on bottled water.

    Now, consider that the average person breathes 20,000 liters of air daily!

    This means that inside your home, you are breathing and re-breathing contaminated air - the same indoor air the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) has deemed 10 times dirtier than the outdoor air. Indoor air that contains bacteria, mold and viruses - harmful germs that scientists say are a certain source of illness and disease.

    The solution? The Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier.

    By directing your home's air through a unique ultraviolet lamp, the Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier kills up to 99% of the microorganisms that are commonly the source of allergy, asthma and cold symptoms. Since the unit is installed in your heating and air conditioning system, your WHOLE HOUSE is protected.

    How does it work? The patented ultraviolet lamp produces UV-C and UV-V light. The UV-C band is short-wave germicidal radiation, primarily used to destroy bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Then, as these microorganisms pass through the UV-C band, intense short-wave radiation destroys the DNA within the cell. The result - microorganisms are unable to reproduce and they die. In addition, the UV-V band oxidizes odors, thus neutralizing any lingering smell from pets, smoke or cooking sources.

    As a result of two years of testing in our own office environment and in many of our clients' homes, Central Air Systems has proven that the Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier delivers clean, germ-free air. Unlike some of those advertised room air purifiers, the Sanuvox unit is installed into your comfort system's air handler and is designed to work in conjunction with your ventilation system.

    The unit uses very little electricity and the highly efficient ultraviolet lamp will last up to three years. So, for about the same money you spend daily on bottled water, you can have purified air in your home. A tremendous value for the investment! Breathe easier in your home knowing that you and your family have the protection of the finest ultraviolet air purifier on the market today!

  • Fresh Air Exchanger

    The solution to pollution is dilution

    Here's a common dilemma that most homeowners face: You've purchased a new home for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Inside your new home are the latest building products, including energy efficient doors and windows, thicker insulation, double weather stripping and caulking. No air, hot or cold, can infiltrate into your home, yet no air can escape it as well.

    In short, you live in a tightly sealed home. That which has been mandated by the federal and state government as "good" for promoting energy efficiency is "bad" for indoor air quality. Why? Because this same tightly sealed home is also trapping pollutants within your indoor environment.

    Chemicals like formaldehyde, household cleaners, paint, odors, smoke and other contaminants, along with many other building material byproducts, have no way of being released from your home. And the answer isn't as simple as keeping your windows or doors open to let out these unhealthy chemicals.

    In the 1970's, commercial buildings were subject to a similar phenomenon known as "Sick Building Syndrome". The absence of adequate ventilation in offices and other tightly sealed work venues led to a vast array of illnesses. That's when the federal government stepped in to mandate fresh air makeup in all commercial structures.

    But what about residential buildings? Thus far, in spite of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency studies showing that the typical home contains indoor air that is 10 times more polluted than the outdoor air, no mandatory fresh air makeup regulation exists.

    Here's another problem. Ever wonder why your home and its furnishings are constantly caked with dust that your housekeeper can't keep up with? It's because your home is under "negative pressure". Every time you run your heating or cooling, your air handling fan literally sucks all of the dust and filth into your conditioned space.

    Now, think about what happens when you open the doors to your favorite department store. You feel a gust of air coming at you, right? Nearly all department stores and many commercial buildings are "positively pressurized". That way, the merchandise and furnishings at Nordstrom and Neiman-Marcus remain fresh and clean. Can we mechanically "positively pressurize" your home?

    The answer is yes! As Central Air Systems believes - The Solution to Pollution is Dilution! Did you know that a simple mechanical device exists that effectively ventilates your home - exhausting these harmful pollutants and positively pressurizing your indoor environment while preserving energy efficiency? The Aprilaire Fresh Air Exchanger is unobtrusively installed in your attic or crawl space, and it provides literally a "breath of fresh air" inside your home.

    This device expels the stale, unhealthy air and exchanges it for fresher, cleaner outdoor air. Not only is it economical to operate (it draws the electrical equivalent of two 60-watt light bulbs), the Aprilaire Fresh Air Exchanger ties into your air handling system's ductwork, and can be controlled either remotely or through a special thermostat.

    If you want to protect yourself and your family's health and well being, the Aprilaire Fresh Air Exchanger offers a sensible and effective solution to neutralizing indoor pollution.

  • Zone Control Systems

    Customized comfort that can save you money

    Problem #1:
    You live in a two-story home. The downstairs is at the perfect temperature. But the upstairs always feels hot and uncomfortable. Does this sound familiar to you?

    Solution #1:
    A Honeywell Zone Control System.

    Problem #2:
    You have a home office. You want some privacy to conduct business. But when you close the door, it is stifling inside that room. Your master bedroom feels the same way.

    Solution #2:
    See Solution #1 above.

    Think about it - you would never have just one light switch to control the lights throughout your entire home. So why do you have just one thermostat controlling rooms that are nowhere near it?

    The way today's homes are designed, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout is difficult, especially when you have just one or two thermostats. The sensible solution is to have Central Air Systems install a Honeywell Zone Control System that lets you tailor your indoor comfort by prioritizing the rooms in your home that you want to climate control.

    Do you and your family spend most of your time in the family room? A zone control system, operating off its own thermostat, lets you enjoy comfort in that particular room, without disturbing the temperature in other rooms.

    Do you have a game room in your home? If so, the Honeywell Zone Control System is the perfect device to keep the crowd comfortable.

    In addition to noticeable comfort enjoyment, you'll see up to 20% in energy savings by using less power in the rooms you want to control. Stop wasting cooling energy in rooms that you're not occupying.

    The system is very flexible. Simply put a single room on its own zone control system, or add as many as you'd like. Whether you're buying a new tract home, building a custom home or want to retrofit your existing home, Central Air Systems can provide to you what many homeowners already are enjoying - customized comfort.

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