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Indoor Comfort

What you should know about comfort in your home.
This ain't your parents' old tract home.

Think about the indoor environment in your home. Do you recognize any of these characteristics?

  1. Hot and cold areas
  2. Too much or too little air flow
  3. Upstairs is always too hot
  4. Downstairs is always too cold
  5. Dust is present on furnishings
  6. You get itchy, watery eyes
  7. You get headaches and nausea
  8. High energy bills
  9. Loud, noisy air conditioners

If you answered "YES" to any of these conditions then we want you to understand what Indoor Comfort Solutions is all about.

With most new homes averaging 3,000 square feet, the small "boxes" of yesteryear have been replaced by sizeable structures that resemble commercial buildings. We're living in a technological world, yet your home's standard mechanical system is not much different than the post World War II homes that averaged 900 square feet.

With all of the publicity and information available about home health, it's time for you to understand what living in a 21st Century home is like. The opportunity exists to filter, purify and ventilate the air inside your home. You can even prioritize the zones in your home so each person can select their individual comfort level. Finally, it is now possible to install heating and cooling equipment that is much more efficient and creates more balanced temperatures throughout the home.

This website is dedicated to informing homeowners and homebuyers about the opportunity to customize your indoor environment. The products we use have been thoroughly field tested and reviewed. We at Central Air Systems have the solutions. You and your family deserve the enjoyment of a clean, fresh, energy efficient indoor climate, without the worry of the effects of dangerous chemicals.

Join the growing numbers of informed, health conscious and elite homeowners throughout the Hawaiian islands who have let Central Air Systems take their indoor comfort to a whole new dimension.

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