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Ever wonder how the heated or cooled air gets into the
rooms in your home or office?
The answer is D-U-C-T-S!

Here's the scoop about ducts and ductwork - some are good, but most are bad. Some, like those installed by Central Air Systems, function the way they're supposed to. But many duct systems - by far the majority - are leaky, twisted like a pretzel or not attached per installation requirements. Much of the poor ductwork in new construction becomes detached as quickly as six months after installation. We think that is completely unacceptable.

One of the most common complaints we get about our competitors is from homeowners who feel minimal air flow in a majority of rooms in their home. They also complain that their energy bills have skyrocketed. Is there a correlation between the two? In most cases, yes there is!

We also get complaints from consumers who can't understand why their utility bills continue to escalate. Many of these homeowners, only six months to a year earlier, hired a contractor to install higher efficiency heating and cooling equipment, yet didn't take the time to inspect the existing duct system.

Did you know, according to the leading government studies, the typical home contains ductwork that leaks an average of 27%! That means those homeowners who receive that unfortunate $500.00 electric bill in August are spending a bit more than $125.00 to cool their attics!

Poor ductwork and negligent installation practices are what we think contribute to a "hidden" energy crisis that neither the government nor HVAC contractors have addressed. Is there an answer to this problem? Yes, there is! Central Air Systems is the only HVAC contractor currently installing duct systems that are in total compliance with all manufacturers' specifications, mechanical codes and state requirements for each and every home.

Why do we set such high standards? It's simple. Without a tightly sealed duct system all of the products and services we offer would be meaningless. Part of our country's economy depends on everyone doing his or her part for energy efficiency.

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