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Office-to-office temperature control & comfort.
A message from Steve Heidorn, President & Owner, Central Air Systems, Inc.

How do you increase your bottom-line profits? Simple...you increase your employees' productivity!

Think about you and your employees. You probably spend more time together in your office than you do with your families at home. Therein lies one of the greatest conflicts in the workplace - you guessed it, office temperature control. So, who's always hot? Who's always cold? Who's always absent due to sickness? Who gives a damn? HOPEFULLY, YOU DO!

Imagine what your business could be like with each employee controlling his or her own office temperature. No more complaints like "It's too hot" or "It's too cold."

Do you have any idea of the cost associated with this thermostatic tug-of-war? Well, you tell me! How much money are you losing in terms of diminished productivity? Do you have any idea?

Well, I know the answer to all of this. I was once where you are as a business owner, but not anymore! If you visit our offices you can see for yourself. I have lowered our employee absenteeism by more than 60%.

By the way, there's something very important in addition to individual temperature control. We also have the cleanest indoor environment for our employees! By simply integrating Aprilaire Electronic Air Cleaners, Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifiers and an Aprilaire Fresh Air Exchange Ventilator, we're killing all of the bacteria, filtering the dust particles and introducing a supply of fresh air into our building.

So think about what I have said. If you think you're ready to spend a few bucks with us versus losing a lot of bucks on continued lost productivity and uncomfortable employees, until you retire, well that choice is up to you!

Check out all of these products under Indoor Air Quality Solutions tab.

After all, it's your office...you and your employees deserve indoor comfort your way!

P.S. - Yeah, an 8-hour workday...I wish!

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